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About us:

Make your home different, special and recognizable!


Today, it is possible to realize everything you want, and we will support you and ensure that you choose the most appropriate products and materials for home furnishing and home decoration, which will maximally respect the space you are editing.


All in one place!

In one place you can find out and choose between laminate and vinyl flooring, as well as find out all about the great offer of plate materials, the largest European manufacturers such as the Austrian Kaindl, Fundermax or Reahu, and decorations that bring a touch of exclusivity to every space.

It is interesting to know the little secrets, which launches every drawer and each door of cabinets, as well as products for the efficient organization of all cabinets and cabinets. Technological product development, such as Blum's fingers, increasingly follows man's movements and depending on the manufacturer is significantly different in quality, which is important to recognize.


Novelty in the market

Are you interested in novelties and trends in interior decoration materials, you are in the right place! Worksheets made of materials, multiple improved properties and resistances, such as Kerrock and Compact, are a real hit! Kerrock is a mineral material that, due to its virtually intact medicine and resistance, has slipped into kitchens, bathrooms, luxury yachts ... and the solid and durable Compact plates are an incredibly wide area of ​​application for all indoor and outdoor spaces.


Complete solutions

If you would like to know the complete solutions for furniture making, which includes a variety of materials and related accessories, please feel free to contact us! We will introduce you to a whole range of top-class products that you will not find elsewhere, such as Sesnio Lighting, and Reginox and Schock Antibacterial Sinks and Faucets, which set the standard of sausage quality in the world.


Increase your home value. Only imagination is the limit

The exceptional offer of products and materials in Iverpan makes it possible to realize the most varied interior decoration ideas, thus significantly increasing the value of each apartment, business space, restaurant, hotel or home. Along with the ideas of inspiring architects and designers and the realization of skilled carpenters, the unique arrangement of space is achieved, which is uncompromisingly and fully in line with your wishes, needs and sensibilities.