Probiotik d.o.o.



Ulica grada Gospića 3, Zagreb

Phone: 01/2382 833
Mobile: 091/2382 833

Working hours:

  • Mon-Fri 8:00h – 15:30h
  • Closed on Sundays and Saturdays 

Retail and Wholesale

Range of products
  • dairy program
  • microbial dairy culture - starter
  • rennet
  • enzymes to accelerate cheese ripening
  • coatings to protect the crust of the cheese
  • microbial culture to prevent yeast and mold growth
  • means for preventing late overtaking of cheese
  • dairy proteins
  • nutritional colors and additives
  • Identification Casein Markers for Cheese
  • plastic molds for chewing cheese
Farm program
  • a test for determining the gravity of cows, goats, and sheep
  • ketosis test
  • early detection of mastitis in cows and goats
  • a digital milk mastitis detector
Program to control the hygiene and health of raw materials and finished products
  • accessories and equipment for monitoring the hygiene of production facilities
  • microbiological bases to control the hygiene of raw materials and food products
  • quick tests to identify milk types in milk or cheese samples
  • quick tests to control antibiotic residues in milk and meat
Educational program
  • dairy workshops
  • an educational program tailored to the needs of users
  • recipe
Laboratory program
  • laboratory equipment and accessories
Advisory services
  • experimental laboratory production for new products in their own equipped laboratory
  • on-site technology development for new dairy products
  • creation and implementation of projects funded from EU funds

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